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Translation and technology: our innovative approach

Technology is advancing quickly and it also brings new opportunities to translation industry. We love languages and we are passionate about our work. Technology and translation industry have become inseparable, as professional expert translator can hardly imagine daily routine without technology support. That’s why we keep up with technology and use the latest translation software to provide you with high quality, accurate and quick translations.

Translation software is an integral part of our translation workflow and it is a must for all our linguists to use computer assisted translation (CAT) tools during the course of work. Combining expertise of our translators with latest translation software allows us to process your translation needs faster, with higher accuracy and at lower costs. This has nothing to do with automated translation – translation software is operated by humans.

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Reduce translation costs with translation softwareTranslation software

Latest translation software is a great assistant to our translator team, it helps with structuring the document to be translated, proofreading, adhering to preferred terminology and makes sure nothing is forgotten or left unnoticed.

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Reduce translation costs with translation memoryTranslation Memory technology

Our Translation Memory technology promotes human driven translation process that allows providing translations within shorter time frame, at lower costs and with higher consistency. It’s a database of previously translated material.

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Efficient terminology management for high quality translationsTerminology management

Terminology management is an integral part of translation process. Using terminology management software that is integrated with translation software allows us to streamline consistent use of preferred terminology.

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Powerful quality assurance tools for high quality translationsQA tools

Everyday use of translation software and powerful quality assurance tools ensures more consistent translation results, faster delivery times and helps eliminate possible errors. We provide customized automated quality checks.

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File processing and conversion - translating documents in all formatsFile processing & conversion

Our expertise in file engineering allows us to offer you efficient solutions for translating your content in various file formats. We will ensure that your translated documents look great regardless of target language and format.

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