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How much does translation cost?

Translation costsWould you like to translate your content and are wondering what your translation costs will be? See how translation price is calculated and what factors have impact on the final price. Translation rates depend on several factors such as:

  • The number of words to translate
  • The language combination
  • The complexity or technical nature of the content
  • The content repetitions

Additional charges may be applied for:

  • Project urgency
  • Translation in special file formats
  • Highly specific subject

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Translation rates per word
Rates per word

Our translation price is calculated based on the number of words in the original source documents. This pricing method means that you will receive precise price calculation for your translation project beforehand and there will be no more additional costs arising during the course of work.

Translation hourly rates
Hourly fees

Some services like proofreading or typesetting/desktop publishing may be calculated based on hourly fees and estimated time that is required to complete the task.

Translation service for different file formats
Different file formats

Additional charge is applied for handling files in specific graphic design programs. The charge includes layout adjustments according to the specifics of translated language in order to make sure the final translated document looks great.

Fast translations for various industries
Volume and delivery time

High translation volume with short delivery time may be evaluated as urgent project, hence additional urgency fee will be applied.

How to save on translation costs, how to reduce translation costs

Cut costs with translation technology

Depending on the type of your content you may benefit from our translation technology. Cost savings can be probably enjoyed already in your first translation project, or possibly the benefits will emerge during the next projects as translation database of your content grows.

We use the latest translation technology to provide you with high quality, accurate and quick translations. Combining expertise of our translators with latest translation software allows us to process your translation needs faster, with higher accuracy and at lower costs. This has nothing to do with automated translation – translation software is operated by humans.


We offer translation services into more than 50 languages, our main fields of expertise include technical translation, legal translation, medical translation, website translation and other domains.

Are you looking for translation from English into German, from Swedish into English or from Dutch into German? You have come to the right place. We offer translation service from and into all European languages, main Asian, Middle East and African languages.

Translations into European and Asian languages

Our most frequent languages

  • Arabic translation
  • Armenian translation
  • Bosnian translation
  • Bulgarian translation
  • Czech translation
  • Chinese translation
  • Croatian translation
  • Danish translation
  • Dutch translation
  • English translation
  • Estonian translation
  • Farsi translation
  • Finnish translation
  • French translation
  • German translation

  • Georgian translation
  • Greek translation
  • Hebrew translation
  • Hindi translation
  • Hungarian translation
  • Icelandic translation
  • Indonesian translation
  • Italian translation
  • Japanese translation
  • Kazakh translation
  • Korean translation
  • Latvian translation
  • Lithuanian translation
  • Macedonian translation
  • Malay translation

  • Norwegian translation
  • Polish translation
  • Portuguese translation
  • Romanian translation
  • Russian translation
  • Serbian translation
  • Slovak translation
  • Slovenian translation
  • Spanish translation
  • Swahili translation
  • Swedish translation
  • Turkish translation
  • Ukrainian translation
  • Urdu translation
  • Vietnamese translation

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