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IT industry is developing rapidly and the number of companies requiring IT solutions is growing fast. Industry’s offered IT solutions bring companies closer to their customers all over the world. You may always communicate to your customers in English of course, however speaking their native language will definitely provide more welcoming and positive user experience and in addition may help you discover a whole new target audience.

Fast translation of IT documents and software strings

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IT translation for international growth

We provide IT translation services for various types of projects for IT, telecommunications and software industries. Translations for technology industry demand in-depth understanding of the field and expertise in industry-specific terminology. Our competent translators can translate technical documents for hardware products, software strings, mobile applications and other IT content types that will help you emerge and succeed in global market.


Challenges of IT translation

IT translation may be an extremely complex task, especially when it comes to software/app translation. In many cases apart from linguistic skills and IT expertise the translators must fully understand your software/app and how it works. Software strings are often written in factual manner and lack context. Therefore to achieve best results we encourage our clients to provide as much context as possible regarding the respective software or application.

Multilingual IT translations, IT documentation, mobile apps, software translation

Translations of computer hardware product specifications

Types of documents

  • Software translation

  • Hardware product specifications
  • IT documentation, operating manuals, user manuals
  • E-learning materials
  • Training materials
  • Computer games
  • Mobile apps

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Our specialist translators have the necessary IT expertise to use precise terminology and provide high quality translation.

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We provide the best possible service to our clients as our main objective is complete client satisfaction.

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Our innovative working approach improves translation speed and reduces costs of multilingual content creation.

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