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Medicine and pharmaceutics are among the most challenging fields when it comes to translation. It’s crucial to choose the right team of medical translators who master complex medical terminology and are able to provide accurate translations. The precision of medical writing must be reflected in the style of translated medical documents.

Expert medical translation service in European and Asian languages

Accurate translations of medical equipment user manuals

Precision - the key in medical translation

Medical documents contain precise information and specific terms, there is no space for interpretation. In addition, there are many different areas of medical specialization therefore it’s necessary to select experienced specialist for your medical translation. In order to ensure the quality of our translations we work with professional translators who have both the necessary linguistic competence and in-depth experience in the relevant field.

Translation technology benefits for medical translation

Our translators work with computer assisted translation (CAT) tools which provide access to translation memory technology and integrated terminology management solutions. This guarantees uniform terminology and increases efficiency leading to shorter delivery times and higher consistency. In addition carefully selected quality assurance procedures are launched to verify the ready translation.

Multilingual translations of IFUs, packaging inserts and medical software

Translations of medical documents, clinical trials, patient information into European and Asian languages

Types of documents

  • Medical equipment instruction manuals

  • Instructions for use, packaging inserts
  • Medical software
  • Patient information
  • Pharmacy materials
  • Clinical trials

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What sets our services apart

Quality assurance

Translations undergo selected quality assurance procedures to make sure the translation meets our quality standards.

Specialist translators

Our medical translators have both the necessary linguistic competence and in-depth experience in the relevant field.


We ensure our medical translation precisely conveys the information of source document leaving no space for ambiguity.

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