Muuz Translations
Professional language service provider

Commitment. Teamwork. Professionalism.

We are a fast-growing translation company based in Estonia. As a young and dynamic company we focus on innovative working approaches to deliver high quality translation services to our clients around the world. With latest technology and worldwide operations we make sure to provide suitable language solutions for our clients’ growing translation needs to help them reach new markets and establish stronger international presence.

Strong company values and ethics form the backbone of our services. Our values make us who we are and help us get where we desire to be. We have created a business culture that values people and professionalism.

Accurate business translations

We care about our clients. Our clients’ success means everything to us, we want them to grow and succeed in new territories, we want them to become stronger and get ahead. We put all our effort into being a trustworthy partner so our clients can rely on us when promoting their business globally.

Reliable team of professional translators

We care about our team and the people we work with by supporting one another and by bringing together more than 500 professional linguists and translators who share the passion for translation and are enthusiastic experts in their field, always keen to learn and deepen their knowledge.

Trusted translation partner

We care about our work and devote every day to perfect the art of translation, as we strongly believe that professional translation is the ultimate tool for communication with the rest of the world. We are keen on lifelong learning and self-development.

Tailored language solutions

We understand that translation services is a part of a larger process, therefore we offer customised solutions depending on client’s needs. Whether it’s a legal translation, technical translation of user instructions or website translation into 15 different languages, we provide personalised service that fulfils and exceeds client’s expectations. We supply translation, subtitling and desktop publishing services allowing clients to produce content in various media. Our innovative way of thinking and commitment to technology reduces costs of multilingual content production and our dedicated team ensures excellent customer service and on-time deliveries.

Professional customised translation services